ITJA Critics' Workshop

Here’s the spot for first drafts of reviews about this afternoon’s production, “Kafka in Tel Aviv.”

Here’s the spot for second drafts of ITJA reviews of “Pentecost!”

Hello,critics! Here’s your spot for posting reviews of this evening’s production.”Pentecost.” See you all bright and early at nine tomorrow morning! -Scott

Hello everyone! You can post your Painted Alice reviews here as comments. Happy writing!

Just thinking ahead, but here’s the place to post rewrites for The Receptionist. Here’s hoping all of you won’t get confused! Be sure to post your first draft of Receptionist reviews...

Here’s the spot to post “Receptionist” reviews!

Hi again! Here’s a spot for your 2-minute radio review of The Foreigner. Remember, these are much shorter and meant to be read aloud in 2 minutes. See you all at...

Hi, everyone! Great session today discussing BU’s production of Erin Go Braghless. Here’s where you can post rewritten reviews as comments! -Scott

Post your reviews as comments on this post. This a print review and should be 600 words.

Welcome to the ITJA Blog, which we call “Critics’ Workshop!” Here’s where you’ll be able to see posts from all our critics, and comments from our workshop leaders!